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Allow it to happen. Don‘t force it to happen.

Riding in Balance - Let it Flow

It's not just talent that makes you a good rider, but also persistence, feel and the self-awareness to recognize your progress. In riding you have to focus on what you want to happen instead of on what you are afraid might happen.... If a horse or a rider don't understand something, it is my job to rephrase the question being asked so it makes sense to one and/or the other. It is our job as trainers/riders to make the process easier, not harder, for our horses on the flat and over fences. When riders are open to learn, I'll help them get to where they want to go.... Since people learn in different ways, I try to choose the way that works best for each individual horse and/or rider.... I sometimes think of my job more as a translator or facilitator between the horse and rider than as an instructor.

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He teaches multiple disciplines


Richard teaches the classical techniques in the basics of rhythm, relaxation and balance, and believes strongly that our control of these concepts directly correlates with our training and performing success.


Because Richard cares deeply about the quality of both what he teaches and how he teaches, he has become highly respected and is widely popular as a teacher, trainer and clinician.


Richard is available to travel all over the world. Be sure to check out the clinic schedule on the about page for upcoming dates or contact Richard for more information for his availability.


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  • Always gives valuable feedback...

    I have ridden with Richard for many years at USPC Festival and Carolina Regional clinics. And I have jumped many of his courses at Carolina Regional Show Jumping rallies and at USPC Nat'l Show Jumping Championships. After my rides he has always given valuable feedback to improve my position and my performance. My horse always is so responsive to the little things he reminds me - like remembering to breathe and to carry my hands. I like riding with Richard because he does not try to change major things about my riding or horse; instead he suggests changes that I can readily apply to my everyday rides and future competitions. I always appreciate the opportunity to ride with Richard and look forward to riding with him in the future.

    Allie Billings
    Pony Club Member and Show Jumping Rider
  • His teaching style is effective...

    I took a clinic with Richard and we instantly clicked. His teaching style is effective and positive with a lot of emphasis on discovering how to make the horses perform their best. He truly enjoys developing an individualized plan to make that happen for each horse and rider combination. Since the initial clinic, Richard has helped me with multiple horses and has enjoyed each individual horse's strengths, as well as given me exercises to improve on weak points. His systematic approach, combined with a great sense of humor, has made riding with Richard an absolute pleasure. I would certainly recommend Richard to any rider, and I look forward to continuing my education with him in the future!

    2* event rider
  • Richard teaches lifelong riding skills...

    I am 60. I foxhunt and I compete irregularly at lower level dressage and eventing and I go to one hunter show a year. So why is Richard Lamb a great teacher for me and why would he be a great teacher for you? One - because becoming a better rider is important at any age and at any level. And two - because Richard teaches lifelong riding skills that translate from discipline to discipline and from horse to horse. Every lesson with Richard brings you closer to being that balanced, empathic rider who helps your horse perform his best and makes your rides successful and fun.

    Foxhunter & Equine Dabbler
  • Correct rhythm and balance...

    I first met Richard in the early 1990's when I was competing a talented but tough OTTB at Training level with mixed results. At the time I was struggling to create the correct rhythm and balance, especially on cross country. What a revelation, as Richard helped me to realize the more I maintained my own independent balance, the more my horse did the same. So often we talk of our horses' need for "self carriage", but not enough about the riders' "self carriage". I eventually competed this horse successfully through the Preliminary level, and all of my subsequent horses have been trained with much more ease and lightness. I recommend riding with Richard to anyone who wants to improve their horses' performance, no matter what the discipline.

    Instructor & Trainer
  • The most rewarding...

    I have known Richard for many years! To this day, I continue to use the vast knowledge Richard imparts. What is most rewarding: what Richard teaches, for both horse and rider, I use for all the horses I ride. Thank you Richard.

    Owner of Versa Therapies
  • His teaching has "rebalanced"...

    There are few moments throughout my years of riding when I have been rendered speechless. Most of these eureka moments occurred during Richard's teaching. The qualities of my own self-carriage have improved immensely and his instruction has "rebalanced" the performance of my horse and my entire perception of the riding process.


Teaching Philosophy


Believing it is the instructors responsibility to make themselves understood and to work with each rider/horse as an individual, Richard is always seeking to learn more to teach ever more effectively. However he never sacrifices the classical basics of rhythm, relaxation and balance, and believes strongly that our control of these concepts directly correlates with our training and performing success - whether we are beginning or advanced riders.

Our horses are only as balanced as we are.... No matter what hat we are wearing or what saddle we are sitting in, our self carriage determines our horses self carriage. Horses naturally want to move in balance and once we find the appropriate dynamic balance within our own body, our horses move more easily as no matter what we ask of them. Richard helps riders learn to let go to use their aids and skills in order to move with and not against their horses on the flat and over fences.

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